Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September - Destined To Be a Great Month

For a number of reasons:

1) First and foremost, it's got to be B00Bs!!! Thanks to my wonderful hubby and mum I'm heading to Chicago (and NYC) to meet a whole host of wonderful banded ladies. It's just four weeks (and 2 days) away!

2) On Friday night I'm going to see Duran Duran in concert. And at a small venue (capacity approx 600), which means that John Taylor, my life-long (well, since teenhood) love will have no trouble picking me out in the crowd and announcing his undying love for me. Forget the fact that hubby's coming with me - I've explained the situation with regards me and 'JT' and he understands.

Here's JT, aged approx 12, when Duran Duran were megastars in the 1980s

And here he is now: aged well, don't you think?

And last, but not least, 3) I've lost another 1lb; that's 2lbs already in Sept and it's only the 6th of the month. Don't ask me how I've done it, I'm pretty sure I've done nothing differently this week to any other week of the year. Clearly September is causing me to waste away.

12st 8lbs - 176lbs - BMI 29.3

(a total loss so far of 86lbs - 8lbs to go!)

I 'heart' September.

Just one concern: I hope JT can see me in the crowd now I'm so 'skinny'. Snort.


  1. he looks almost as goo as he did in the 80's :)

    Did you hear bout the Take that concerts this summer? the local emergency rooms had increased instances of drunken 'middle aged' ladies getting into drunken brawls with each other after the concerts. Do you thin Duran Duran will draw the rough lady crowd too?

    Can't wait to see you again and CONGRATs on the losing month!


  2. oh my...i love john taylor! he looks amazing and i am insanely jealous that you are seeing them! have a blast

  3. I love Duran Duran and I am super jealous!!

    This is going to be a great month!

  4. Remind me to tell you about the time I met Duran Duran back in 1993 on their "Wedding Album" tour and I grabbed Simon Le Bon's butt. Oh and I did a phone interview with JT when I was a radio DJ back in 1995. I swear it was one of my life's highlights. I've seen them in concert 7 or 8 times and I wish they were coming closer to me in Florida. I love my Double D! Have an awesome time at the concert!

  5. Roomie!!!! I too L-O-V-E JT!!!!! And I am going to see them (again) in concert the week after BOOBs! We will have to share our JT love when we get together ... oh, and secretly hate on Stephanie because she has met him ... sigh.

  6. Ahhhh!! I used to be such a Durannie back in the day!! Simon was my guy! Mrs. Catherine LeBon still has a nice ring, doesn't it??

    I am SEETHING with envy due to Stephanie's comment! How awesome! I did meet JT though a few years ago ... all too briefly... due to my work (will tell you another time). He is still gorgeous, though he and his wife both had really bad highlights at the time!