Monday, 19 September 2011

Heartburn/acid reflux, call it what you will

Has anyone else suffered from heartburn/acid reflux since being banded? Having done a quick search on Google, I'm pretty sure this is what is happening to me and, apparently, it can be caused by the band being too tight.

Well, I know for sure my band is too tight and thank goodness I have an appointment with my surgeon in just 9 days - I'm going to ask for an unfill, quite a big one I think as my stomach really could do with a bit of a break, not to mention the fact that the rest of my body would probably benefit from some 'proper' food. I can't remember the last time I was able to sit down and eat a meal (however small) without having to stop after a couple of mouthfalls to take a walk or a break. The other morning I had a bite of watermelon and a bite of honeydew melon and promptly threw up - not good!

I'm in two minds about the unfill though; while I know I absolutely 100% need one because my eating just isn't right at the moment, I'm also nervous of what might happen to my weight if/when I'm able to eat more. Will I be able to resist the lure of bigger portions?! At the moment I know that the band does all the work for me and because it's so (too) tight I cannot overeat; but once it's loosened I'll actually have to play a part in this weightloss process and, after 20 months of coasting along, what will happen?!


  1. Are you perhaps moving from one extreme to another? A small unfill could make all the difference, but a big one could make your brain relax and think it's back to pre-band days?
    (It's not as if you want to feel 'free' for Chicago, since you'll be surrounded by people eating like birds...)

  2. I say get the unfill. Heck, I'd call to see if you could get in sooner. I would hate to be too tight. I'm an eater. (LOL, obviously.)

  3. You need an unfill for sure! I am having issues myself at the moment but it is because I have a cold!!

  4. I have never had heartburn or acid reflux since my banding. I had them horribly before though.

    If you are too tight, then most definitely you should get the unfill, sooner than later.

  5. Been there-I have only had it at night when I try to go to bed too soon after eating.

    It is a tough decision-how much is the right amount to keep the weight off but keep you eating the right things. I wish I knew the answer to it :)


  6. yeah, i wouldnt wait 9 days if its very bad. When I was too tight (my own fault bc I begged for a big girl fill), I couldnt lay down at night without the acid choking me. I put it off for two nights until heather threatened my life if I didnt get an appt. If you have too much acid, it can be real bad for the band. But at least you know you need it...the unfill I mean!

  7. I would get in for the un-=fill pronto. I have learned there is no point to being tight. I had heart burn on and off and just went in for a slipped band and a hernia repair not fun. I am in so much pain. I have had issues since last summer and feel like things are finally figured out... :)
    Keep us updated on your unfill. I agree with above post that even a small unfill is very helpful...