Sunday, 18 September 2011

Packing for Chicago...

Yesterday I borrowed a suitcase from my Mum because I'm pretty sure the one I own isn't going to be big enough for all the clothes/shoes/books/general stuff I'm intending to buy while in Chicago and New York. Not to mention the clothes/shoes/books/general stuff I'll be bringing with me as well (Cadbury's Flake bars, Beautiful Homes magazines, M&S chipsticks, clothes for swapping, etc).

There's also one other thing it looks like I'll be bringing along - does anyone mind if a small interloper joins the B00Bs?


  1. Oh he's so cute! We generally have a no men rule, but he'd be ok.

  2. Adorable!! See the key is, to BRING us so much stuff that there's enough space in your bag for all the stuff you're going to GET when you're in the US! May I recommend a can of spray cheese! It's the swag of choice that my child makes me bring him :)

  3. Oh God - cutest thing ever to bring with you! :)

  4. Nah..he would take up too much room for all of the stuff you need to bring back with you. Besides just think how happy you will be to see each other when you get back :)

    He is very cute though reading his book in that suitcase :)


  5. he is so cute!!!

    I almost thought about asking you to bring a treat over for my hubs but I decided that we are going to see his parents a few weeks after so he can wait!! ha!

  6. Priceless! Reading material and all. He's ready to go!