Friday, 23 September 2011

Travelling Light(er)

I'm pleased to report that, physically, I will be travelling light(er) to Chicago. The same can probably not be said of my suitcase... This morning the scales greeted me with the cheery news that I've lost another 2lbs!!! I typed 1lb at first, because I'm pretty sure I've already seen 12st 7lbs on the scale, but when I looked back through my blog I've not recorded that weight. Seems very odd that I would have missed reporting it, but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, so I guess it may have just got overlooked.

12st 6lbs - 174lbs - BMI 29.0
(a total loss so far of 88lbs - 6lbs to go!)

Wow - those numbers are looking good! Just 2lbs more and I'll have lost 90lbs; 6lbs more and I'll be at my (inital) goal (wonder if I can get there before my 40th birthday?) Yee haw.

The acid reflux/heartburn is still lingering (although I did finally get round to buying some heartburn relief medication which seems to be helping) and my band is still sooooooooooooper tight, so I'm not really surprised that I've dropped a couple more pounds. I'm really looking forward to getting an unfill next Wednesday - just 5 more days. I'm sure the pounds won't be dropping off after that!

And then, it's CHICAGO time!!!! I started my packing yesterday (without the boy child getting in the suitcase this time); here we have a bundle of clothes for the sisterhood exchange

and here we have some Booty for the B00Bs - I see Cadbury Flake bars, I see magazines, I see Fruit & Nut, I see M&S chiplets... If any other of you B00B ladies want me to bring anything over, please let me know - I've got plenty of room (at the moment!)


  1. Have a lovely time Justine!

  2. mmmm fruit and nut. I am addicted to fruit pastells at the moment. My mother in law just sent me loads!

  3. OH Amanda...back away from my fruit and nut..I will not share :) and the magazine...I am SO EXCITED!! Ok I am EXCITED to see your too Justine but you aren't in that picture. I will text when I get in to Chicago and we can meet up for an initial coffee to get us started..or by then maybe vodka?


  4. So looking forward to seeing you!! I am so impressed with how close to goal you are already!! That is just awesome!!

  5. Congrats on another two lbs, Justine!!! Um, if you have room for a Cadbury fruit and nut bar I will pay you back for one!! I totally forgot about those and I fell in love with them when I was in London a decade ago. I can't wait to meet you!!! You realize I am going to ask you to say a whole bunch of words in "English" because I just love british accents!!!

  6. EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee! So excited. When do you get in? Thursday AM? Gilly and I will be there! Let's get together (if it's in the cards)