Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Not So Bad

It seems cutting back on the old coffee-ola seems to have done the trick with subduing the heartburn (touch wood.) After Alison commented that strong coffee but not lattes give her heartburn I decided to make my coffee with a slightly smaller scoop than usual (rather than the Mt Everest style heap I usually throw in the cafetiere) and add more milk. So far, so good. Phew; I'm very glad, cos giving up the old Java Joe would have made me v. sad.

In other news, the pesky scales are still stuck on 13st 13lbs or 13st 12lbs. Ho hum. Still, as hubby pointed out at least I'm able to sit with him and Arthur and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (albeit small portions) which I really struggled to do when my band had got super tight. You win some, you lose some (or don't lose some)!

Hope you are all keeping well out there in Banded Blog Land. I read Steph's post about how so many of us are falling of the blogwagon - perhaps it's difficult when we are this far into the journey to be blogging 'I lost a pound, I put it back on, I stayed the same' whereas previously it might have been 'yaaay, my new lowest low' or 'NSV' or 'I reached goal' on an almost daily basis. I also sometimes feel that I'm under pressure to blog for fear of falling out of the blog loop, or being forgotten about; I don't want either of those things to happen, but I also don't want the blog to feel like a millstone round my neck whereby I feel guilty if I haven't updated in a while. I also have another blog (which I'd started waaaay before the band blog) which I have to update so that keeps me blogging busy. It's tricky, and I sure don't have the answer.


  1. Glad to see you have not had to give up coffee completely :o)

    And don't stress over blogging, it is meant to be for ourselves more than anything.

  2. Glad that more milk is helping you.
    I feel exactly the same about blogging, I have nothing constructive to say about my band, it's there and I'm constantly circumnavigating it by shoving slider crap down my throat, people just don't need to hear that on a daily basis!!

  3. Meant to say, thanks for your advice. Burgh Island looks amazing, Paul really likes the look of it so we may go there.

  4. I for one miss the bloggers who have dropped out completely. Even updating once a month keep you in the loop. Besides the coffee suggestion may help others. I've started on another blog too which is more in tune with my life and what is going on and not so weight loss oriented. I don't mention my band (yet) but if someone see the blogs I'm following they would have an idea of my interests. Besides I haven't lost any weight for 18 months so I guess it became the Maintenance blog. I am enjoying my new found excitement with blogging again about this and that. We can also follow you other blog if you'd like--I just clicked the follow.

  5. Glad the slightly less strong coffee is helping.

  6. Glad to hear you found some relief for your heartburn!

    And I agree the pressure to blog about something interesting is rough. I'm ready to just talk about life now! :)