Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I've decided that I just have to resign myself to being this weight. If I'm not willing to actually work at being a lower weight, then I have to accept that this is the weight I will stay. Instead of blaming the band for not doing the (rest of) the hard work for me, and huffing and puffing every time I step on the scales, I have to say:

'Self, if you're going to carry on eating chocolates, biscuits and cakes and not doing any exercise, then you will have to get used to being this weight. Self, you can't expect the band to do anything more if you're not going to help. Self, the band enabled you to lose 5 stone (70lbs) without your help; the band did all of the work. Self, now it is your turn to either a) join in or b) quit moaning.'

There we have it. Self, get on with it.


  1. It is a constant balancing act. We have all been there. :) Hang in there!!!

  2. You have come a long way Justine-I came to terms with little steps along the way by just giving/changing up one thing at a time. What is one thing you can change tomorrow? You don't have to give the cookies, cakes or coffee up yet..just cut back one this next week-one cookie less per day or one coffee less or one walk more..something like that. Give it a week and see if it helps. :)

    I am ready to get back on my boat again too. The scale read in the scary zone this morning.

  3. 70lbs is quite an accomplishment.

    I completely understand what you are saying and I think it's very insightful as a matter of fact.

    I know in the past I would berate myself for being a failure if I failed on my diet attempts.

    These days, I love myself regardless of where I'm at. It has made a tremendous difference.

    We might not be where we want to be but sometimes growth comes in different ways.