Friday, 16 March 2012


I seem to be suffering from heartburn, again. The last time I had this was back in August/September last year when my band was really much too tight. Then I had the unfill from heaven, the day before B00Bs, and all was good in the world. Since that unfill I've had two 0.5ml top-ups, which has taken me to 8mls in a 10ml band. That's still 1ml lower than where I was in August/Sept when the terrible heartburn started plaguing me.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask was - if you are banded and you get heartburn, is it right to assume that it is caused by the band? Does anyone else who believes their band to be at a good level of fill (ie not too tight) suffer from heartburn?

I know coffee can be a trigger, but I'm not sure I can give it up. (And don't ask me to give up the chocolate either...)


  1. I have had two episodes with acid reflux. Both times it hit out of the blue - I had not had a recent fill. I felt my fill level to be fine other than the heart burn at those times. I now take Prilosec and have a lot less in my band than I once did in hopes it never happens again. It is no fun. Feel better.

  2. I've had heartburn set off by all sorts preband so don't see why it would have to be band related afterwards. I had issues for a few months a couple of years ago with wine and juices in particular.

    Zantac was really helpful and you can just swallow them. None of that nasty gaviscon goop.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I never had heartburn once not once until a month ago when all my issues began with my band. I have to say that I believe it is band related and that if the band becomes to tight it can make reflux much worse. The band is known to cause it, it can certainly get worse if you have had it before.

    Please monitor this closely as an unfill is probably a remedy, however, with me being unfilled did not fix mine.


  4. I have heartburn (and always have). When I got it once I had the band they immediately did an upper GI to make sure everything was OK. It was, and my NP said you may just be one of those people that will always have it. I do take prescription nexium (just b/c it's cheaper than over the counter)to contain it.
    I do think it's obviously a huge sign for most bandsters they are too tight but for me it's just part of life.

  5. I know my heartburn is related to my band when I get it and it is always because of stuck episodes or being too tight. Hope things calm down for you.