Friday, 12 March 2010

The Benefits of a Dicky Tummy, Ramblings and a Request

I reaped the rewards of my tummy upset (still on-going, but not as achey) with this morning's visit to the scales. Yes sirreee, ladies and gents, I've lost 25lbs and am down into the next stone:

16st 13lb - 237lbs - BMI 39.4

Yes, I know it's mostly going to be due to dehydration but, what the heck, I'll take it! It means I've met the mini goal I'd set myself of being '16 stone something' in time for the small boy's 1st birthday next Saturday; in fact I've still got eight days to get some more of the weight off. Three more lbs and I'll have lost two stone; should I set that as the 'birthday boy goal', or is it asking too much?

Clearly this weight loss is a major cause of celebration, but it has left me in a clothes quandry. I feel like I have nothing to wear, even though that's not actually the case. My only trousers (I have two pairs of the same style/size) are getting too big; I tried them on with a belt today and although it means they fit better round my derriere, it also means the fabric bunches up under the belt and looks pretty awful. For years and years I was a skirt girl; I only wore skirts because I could never find trousers or jeans that fitted properly as I have very large thighs - any trousers that fitted in the waist would be horribly tight in the leg, and any that fitted in the leg would be gaping at the waist. Until one day in May 2008 I discovered the plus size department in Macy's, NYC. Despite numerous previous visits to NYC, I'd steered clear of Macy's as it was always so busy and touristy (yes, even though when in NYC I'm a tourist myself - just call me a tourist snob!) Anyhoo, this time hubby and I were in NYC for an entire month so there was plenty of time to hit Macy's when it wasn't so full of dozy holidaymakers wandering round with their mouths and wallets wide open and generally getting in my way and on my nerves.
To cut a long story short (or not), I found lots of clothes I liked and that fitted, including two pairs of black capri pants (Amy will shoot me, but it was summer time and they fitted.) I was so happy to find some trousers to wear as it gave my poor thighs a break from rubbing together enough to start fires and so, those two pairs of capris saw me through summer, autumn, winter, spring, summer, autumn, etc, through the majority of my pregnancy, and I even fitted back into them ten days after giving birth - it's not just celebrities that 'ping' back into their pre-pregnancy clothes and yet I didn't have any gossip magazines beating down my door for an interview on 'How she got her amazing pre-pregnancy figure back in JUST TEN DAYS' (for a fat girl, I actually didn't put on much weight when pregnant, even though it would have been an ideal opportunity!) Anyway, anyway, I've gone majorly off course here. The capris fitted beautifully until I wore them through (in the thighs, natch), but luckily hubby and I made a return trip to NYC in December last year and I made a beeline for Macy's. This time I got the same size/make of trousers (two pairs) but in a longer length. And now, just three months later, they're too big. And so here comes the request part of this long and rambling post... is there anyone out there who could go to Macy's and have a look for these trousers in the next size down? If they do still have them, would you be able to buy them for me and post them to the UK? I could send you the money via PayPal, or any other way that suits. I checked the Macy's website and 1) they don't have them on there and 2) they don't ship internationally. So, fellow bloggers, can you help me? If anyone can help then I'll let you know the size/make/style/price etc, but this post has gone on long enough already without me launching into an in-depth description of trousers...

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  1. I have a Macy's in Portland and have been having an urge to shop..what a better way but on somebody else's dime :). Let me know what size and make and I can see if my stores have it.