Monday, 1 March 2010

Friday Can't Come Soon Enough

It seems that the demons in my head have really taken on board what the dietitian said about moving on to 'normal' foods this week. Talk about returning to the old, bad habits.

Friday night: had some friends round and we got a Chinese takeaway. Ate plenty, then ate a little bit more and then had dessert and, since I was clearly likely to pass out from lack of calories, I even had a couple of chocolates.

Saturday night: hubby & I took advantage of the fact that Granny was staying and was a willing babysitter, and we took ourselves off to Henley to our favourite Indian restaurant. Ordered and ate a popadom, followed by 2 small onion bhajis for starter, then chicken korma with half rice/half naan bread, and a side order of sag paneer. Admittedly, I brought home more than half of my chicken korma, naan bread and sag paneer, but still!

Sunday night: hubby cooked roast belly of pork, roast potatoes and other veggies, and mashed carrot and turnip. Ate the lot and then managed lemon sponge and cream for dessert, plus a couple more chocolates.

All of the above was in addition to a regular day's food consumption of Ready Brek for breakfast, soup or a sandwich for lunch and a couple of snacks in between (especially on Sunday as hubby baked rock cakes in the afternoon...)

I need Friday to come A.S.A.P. so I can get my first fill; that'll show the food demons who's boss!


  1. omg...I misssss Indian food so much. I know what you mean about a fill..we need it!

  2. Let the filling commence! ;) 5 little days-Do the best you can and keeping the demons stamped out one day at a time.

    Wishing you good luck as I battle my littler demons (my restriction is good but not good enough)

  3. Friday will be here before you know it!

  4. Friday will be here before you know it.

    Love Indian food too but can't eat naan anymore, tried and it wouldn't go down :(.

  5. I love Indian food also. Maybe I should go for a feast before my first fill on the 9th. They say this band will work so I guess we have to believe.