Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fill No.2

So, here I am about to go for my second fill in less than 20 days due the fact that last week I was eating for Britain and what happened when I jumped on the scales this morning? I'd only gone and lost another 1lb! Down to my lowest weight, with 26lbs gone:

16st 12lb - 236lbs - BMI 39.3 (just 2lbs short of losing 2 stone!)
YEEHAW, WHOOP WHOOP! But, does it pose a dilemma? Do I need another fill? If you are starting to lose weight again and feel like restriction has come back, does that mean things are in a good place? But where did the restriction go last week? Questions, questions. But that's what I paid the money for and, since the appointment was made, I decided to go to the surgeon and ask him, he's the expert after all.
So, that's what I did. I told him that last week I ate like a horse and this week I'm eating like a mouse; last week I was up to 17st 2lbs, today I'm down to my lowest weight of 16st 12lbs. And he asked me if he gave me a sandwich, how much could I eat? [answer = half] And the same with a jacket potato [answer = small potato, most of the skin but not all]. He also asked whether the smaller amount of food I was eating this week felt like I was on a diet or felt like it was the amount of food that I wanted/needed [answer = the latter]. So, Mr Surgeon Expert, should I have a fill or not? And the answer was yes, a little one. The surgeon explained that while he put 4mls of saline in the band at my first fill it can happen that not all the 4mls actually gets to the band (apparently some can stay in the tube and then evaporate), so he aspirated the band (ie sucked all the saline out - 'aspirate' was his fancy word, not mine!) and found that there were only 3mls in the band rather than the 4mls that there should have been. So he topped me back up to 4mls (hopefully), and we'll see how it goes. And now I'm back to the liquid/softy/mushy diet for a couple of days. Here's to losing another 2lbs so I reach 2 stone down.


  1. Well there you go! See what happens when you trust the medical experts?

  2. You're doing well. 26 down is great.

    Just getting caught up on posts, your son is adorable and the food and cake looked devine.