Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Whoop Whoop - I'm Obese!

FINALLY, after 12 days, I've lost another 1lb, making a total of 22lbs. And that means I'm no longer classed as 'morbidly obese' according to my BMI - I'm now just 'Obese Class II'!

17st 2lb - 240lbs - BMI 39.9 (just 30lbs between me and 'Obese Class I'!)

Is it a coincidence that the weight loss has come just one day after I decided to start eating 'normal' foods for the first time post-fill? To tell the truth, with the amount of food I managed to pack away yesterday I really thought I might have actually gained weight. But previously I have found (and I know other bandsters have had the same experience) that upping my calorie intake has actually led to the scales going down. And, even though it felt like I ate A LOT yesterday, when I added up the calories, it was somewhere in the region of 1500. Is that a lot for a bandster? On a standard calorie-controlled diet, that would be the right sort of number, wouldn't it? But something tells me it's too high for a bandster (might have something to do with the piece of peppermint bark that went down rather well after dinner last night...)

Anyhoo, now that I have reached my next 'milestone', I can finally post some photos. This is me at 240lbs. I'm purposely wearing the same clothes as my previous 'photo shoots' as I'm hoping it will help in the comparisons, although I suppose as I get smaller the clothes will just swamp me and not actually help show off the weightloss properly. Still, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it and, as it happens, clothes-talk will be the subject of my next post.

Unfortunately, technology and I are not the greatest of friends so I can't work out how to paste photos side-by-side, so I've had to put them vertically instead. Here's me today (10th March), 240lbs
And here I am 8 and a half weeks ago (two days before starting ten-day pre-surgery diet)weighing in at 262lbs:And again at 240lbs:And 262lbs:Last one at 240lbs (please excuse hair, it's wet from the shower, not greasy...)

And 262lbs (has the fat above my elbows got smaller?!)


  1. Wooo!! Total difference! Wow!! I love pictures! Total proof that you ARE DOING IT!!! Yay you!!

  2. Congrats on being Obese!!!! ( sounds weird but I know how exciting it was for me to just be obese ).
    You look amaizing in those pics...5 more pounds for me and then I am overweight!!!! woo hooo
    Keep up the good work

  3. Wow - good work! So glad to hear you are back on normal food. Your pictures look great!

  4. Oh yeah! I can really see your loss - congratulations!

  5. wowza-definitely smaller tummy and backsides...Good work.

    I eat considerably fewer calories than 1500 now but I'm sure in the beginning it was there or higher. the cool band thing is that with each fill the calories go down a bit more and the weight keeps dropping.

    Off topic--do you knit? I have been obsessing over it lately and found some cool links on your other blog...thanks for the links the yarn harlot one was especially good.

  6. Whoop! Whoop! for getting into Obese!! Who else would celebrate and congratulate on this except us fellow bloggers. The pics are great and I can see a difference. Maybe try using clothes pegs to pinch the shirt tighter as you lose the weight.

  7. I can reall see a difference, looking good!

  8. Wooo hooooo!

    I've had days where I've had 1500 calories and I have had days when I am lucky to have eaten 800 calories. It just depends on how hungry I am and unfortunately how much time I spend at home. The more I am home, the more I eat (I blame my husband for that).

  9. I love comparison photos. It really shows the difference. Way to go..

    PS I love your stove...