Saturday, 27 March 2010

Not Very Filling

Three days after my second fill and I'm debating whether it's worked. I seem to be eating more than I did/could before the fill. That's a bit odd, isn't it? Admittedly, this second fill only took me back to what the first fill should have given me, but you'd think I wouldn't be able to eat as much, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case on my first day back to "proper" food following a couple of days of liquids/mushies. This is what I've eaten (so far; there are still 2 hours til bed time...) today:

Breakfast: nearly two slices of toast (this is the first time I've been able to eat this much bread in one sitting - how can that be?!); coffee (I've not yet mastered the bandster art of not eating and drinking at the same time...)

Snack: seven, yes you read that right, SEVEN biscuits: 2 choc digestives, 2 bourbons, 2 viennese fingers and 1 custard cream. These biscuits have been in the house since Christmas, so why did I decide I wanted to eat them today? Yes, I've eaten biscuits since being banded, but never more than two in one sitting. So, that's more toast than usual and, on top of that, seven biscuits.

Lunch: 8 chunks of mango (very proud of myself; seems to me like the sort of thing a 'proper' bandster might list as their lunch)

Snack: chocolate tiffin cake; vanilla latte (you won't know this because I've not listed my daily intake before, but I do tend to have a coffee and a cake most afternoons; so far it's not affected my weightloss [although if I didn't eat a cake-a-day it's quite possible that I would have lost more weight by now, but I'm fine with that, I like my cake and at the moment I don't want to give it up])

Another snack: 1/2 slice of toast (which the small boy didn't eat for his dinner); three teaspoons of egg mayonnaise sandwich filling

Dinner: two-thirds of a chicken korma; half a naan bread

Who knows what more food I might be able to consume before bed time?! If you didn't know me from this blog, would you think I had a gastric band?! Do I need another fill, or has today just been one of those days? Only time (and the scales) will tell...


  1. Are you close to your TOM? That's the only thing I'm thinking. Maybe the fill is fine but it seems, from what I've read, that towards the TOM, what might be good restriction otherwise is wide open around then. I know that without the band, the week before the TOM, for me, I'm famished all the time. And then the week after, I can hardly eat a bite.

  2. TOM has just finished, so not sure I can blame that! Strange thing was that during TOM I was eating much less. I'm the wrong way round!

  3. Your OK-there is a lot going on here. One-you have lost fat from where your band sits probably and that is why you feel like you are not even as far ahead as you were with the lat fill. Two-You might have to wait a little for the fill to kick in. Three-I am bass ackwards with the TOM thing too. I tighten up just before and get way loose after. couple that with more stomach fat loss and it can make for one loose band.

    Did you get my message about the slacks?

  4. How long can you go between meals before you're hungry again? Can you make it the 4 hours (and I mean REAL hunger, not "oooh, I want..." kind of hunger)?

  5. Tina - I've just emailed you re the trousers.
    Gilly - I need to have a proper look at my eating tomorrow re length of time between meals. Today is the first day I've been like this at home (ie I had a couple of bad eating days when it was the small boy's birthday, but that was away from my routiune); usually I do go 3-4 hours between meals (maybe with a small snack of some fruit or a yoghurt). I'm hoping it was just a one-off, or perhaps I'm like Tina with the backwards approach to TOM related eating!

  6. Here they are telling us we are supposed to eat a protein first at every meal. The carbs tend digest quicker and you get hungry sooner. That's what they say anyway. I can't attest to anything as I am still pre-op.

  7. Re: eating protein first, I mentioned this to my dietician since I have read it on so many blogs and she said to just eat a balanced meal, rather than choosing protein first. Would be interesting to see what other UK/European bandsters have been told about this.

  8. Wow crazy about the balanced meals....I can't wait to hear what Euro/UK bandsters say!

    I think the carbs stick in my pouch longer but the protein sticks with me and holds off hunger longer.

  9. Hi Justine,Here is what my English dietician said: eating protein first, but that you need a balanced diet so make sure there is enough room for vegs as well. For carbs in the diet I follow at the minute I have to limit them. I will see after my wedding when I can eat "everything". Did you get your op covered by the NHS or did you do it privately? if privately who did you do it with?

  10. I have my second fill tomorrow. I'm hoping for a bit restriction as well. I've been told it sometimes takes a few days or week to kick-in.