Thursday, 25 March 2010

Oh My, I've Lost My Baby!

Last week I took the small boy to be weighed and he clocked in at a hefty 26.5lbs. When I got on the scales this morning, I'd lost another 1lb, taking me to a total of 27lbs - ie pretty much what the small boy weighs when he's fully clothed. Wow-a-rama! It's so amazing to be able to quantify it in this way; each time I pick him up it's a wonderful reminder of how much less I now weigh. I can't imagine having to carry him 24-7 - I would be so exhausted and aching all over, and yet 10 weeks ago I was carrying him round all of the time. So, thank you band for helping me to lose my baby!

16st 11lb - 235lbs - BMI 39.1 (just 1lb short of losing 2 stone!)
I'm so pleased to be this close to losing two stone. I was wondering what I might do to treat myself, but then I remembered I'm off to a pampering evening tonight, so what better way to celebrate (very, very nearly) losing two stone?

I had a little shufty through my wardrobe this morning; it was only a little look as I was trying to keep the small boy entertained at the same time and his attention span is not what one might want it to be when sorting through acres of clothes that don't fit for one reason or another. I tried to sort my clothes into three piles:

1) items that fit
2) items that are too small (for now)
3) items that are too large

It was great to be able to add a few items to pile 1 that had previously been consigned to pile 2, and I even went out this afternoon wearing two of those items (a hoody top and my mac - thank goodness, as it's getting a little warm for the winter coat) and felt very pleased with myself.

At some point I may get round to offering up some of pile 3 to the sisterhood but, for now, I have to keep wearing the clothes from pile 3 until pile 1 becomes larger as a result of items migrating from pile 2. If you get what I mean. Also, I am a little concerned that any of my clothes that are too large have been so well worn due to being grateful to actually find something that fits, that they may not be fit for the sisterhood.


  1. What a cute blog. I am so glad you've lost your baby. I can't wait to hear you've lost him again!


  2. oooh he's sweet! :0) and yay for not having to carry "him" around with you all the time!!

  3. What a doll...good job with the weight loss.

  4. Yea for losing the "baby" weight!
    He is too cute!

  5. He's so adorable. Congrats, you're doing great.

  6. wahhooooo...awesome post and cute little boy. If they are the correct slacks I cannot believe how easy they were to find..right there on the wall only two racks from where I started.