Friday, 27 July 2012

Will Being 'Accountable' Help?

Will it help me to shed a few pounds if I stay accountable on my blog? Well, anything's worth a try, isn't it? So, here goes. Today my weight is back up to the FREAKOUT weight of

14st 03lbs - 199lbs - BMI 33.1

(a total loss so far of 63lbs - 31lbs to go)
Looking back through my blog I see it was 19th of January 2011 when I first got to onederland, so that means this is the heaviest I've been in over 18 months. Crapsticks.
When I've finished licking the bowl from the cakes I've just made with my darling boy, I really must get back on the band wagon...


  1. Oh no, how frustrating. You can do it though, you just need a game plan. Are you counting your calories?

  2. It is time to change something. I am in a similar boat here..and figuring out what I can motivated i am to stick to it..and what I need to do to make it happen..This stuff sucks sometimes.


  3. Blogging helps a ton! You can get back to where you were. It can be pretty motivating to post numbers (seriously, pictures of actual numbers...) as you are losing too. I was pretty motivated by wanting to get to the next one. ... I should take this advice myself!

  4. Crapsticks is right....but you'll fix it! Good luck!