Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Maybe as a delayed reaction from my tummy upset, or perhaps as a result of upping the calories, who knows? But whatever it was, I've lost another 1lb, making 19lbs in total. I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised!

17st 5lb - 243lbs - BMI 40.4 (just 3lbs standing between me and 'Obese Class II'!)

Tomorrow I have my first post-op meeting with the dietician (not including the morning after surgery when she visited me in hospital for a brief catch-up.) I'm not sure whether to admit to her that I'm eating more than mushies? I'm supposed to stay on mushies til almost the end of Feb and, while I mostly eat mushies, I don't always eat mushies. I'm probably on about 80% mushies, with the odd not-quite mushy (but still soft) thing thrown into the mix. Also, I've not been drinking the protein shakes... Not because I don't like them, more because I forget, and when I remember, I just don't fancy one.

As I type this, I'm having a lightbulb moment (hope you're impressed by my energy-efficient lightbulb moment):

The chicken filet and breaded prawn I ate at Yo Sushi yesterday were probably the least mushy things that I've had so far; perhaps that's what caused my tummy ache. Maybe it wasn't the fact that I ate too much, it was that I ate the wrong stuff (ie chicken filet/breaded prawn is not a mushy unless you take the blender to it.) I get the feeling that my band journey is going to be full of lightbulb moments.


  1. Way to go Justine! You give me hope :)

  2. You're doing really well. That's great!

  3. Nice progress. I'm hoping I can get through the fluid/mushies phase ok too. Love you energy efficient lightbulb. Have to save the planet, one bulb at a time.