Friday, 26 February 2010


I lost another pound, at long last, making a total of 21lbs (or one-and-a-half stone.) Jeepers, it's taken two weeks! I think it came off at a rate of an ounce a day! Still, it's gone and good riddance.
17st 3lb - 241lbs - BMI 40.1 (just 1lb standing between me and 'Obese Class II'!)

This morning I had my second appointment with the dietitian; she seems pleased with my progress with the mushy to soft foods. Now it's time for me to progress from soft to normal foods, just in time for my first fill next Friday, at which point I have to regress to the purees for a few days, then mushies, then softies, then normal food. Admittedly this will be condensed into the space of a week, rather than the 5-6 weeks it's taken to get from liquids to normal food post-surgery, but it hardly seems worth me getting used to the taste/texture of 'real' food again this week only for it to be snatched away on Friday!
A question for those of you who have had fills - do you have to be nil-by-mouth for a certain length of time prior to the fill? My appointment is 10am - should I skip breakfast and my usual morning coffee, or is it ok to eat and drink as normal?
I'm hoping that the fill plus the return to purees for a few days will kick start the weightloss again. My aim is to be to be "16 stone something" by 19th March as we are having some professional family photos taken that day; it's the day before small boy's 1st birthday and I want to look as "slender" as possible. I've avoided having my photo taken with him as much as I can, which is a shame, so I really want to look my best in these shots - if they're professional perhaps the photographer can airbrush out my lumps and bumps and make me into a yummy mummy!


  1. I think every doc has different rules for fill days. Mine doesn't care what you do before you go in only that you do liquids for a day, then mushies, and then on to real food. I have eaten every morning before my fills and not had a problem but I have seen other people say that they don't eat the morning of...

    I hope it goes well for you!!

  2. Mine doesnt care at all-I usually make sure now that I am tighter that I eat an hour before I go in for a fill just to make sure any food has gone through my stoma before he makes it smaller. After the fill I always have a warm drink first just to feel the waters and then proceed cautiously until I figure out what changes I need to make (chewing more, stopping sooner or eliminating some foods entirely). My doctor only says-Be careful! in a very serious way as I leave the office.

  3. My doc doesn't care what I eat before or after. My first three fills have been at 4 in the afternoon. My next fill will be in the morning right before lunch, so it will be interesting for that one.

  4. That's great that the scale is moving again.

    Have a great weeekend!