Saturday, 13 February 2010

Thou Shall Not Covet...

The small boy and I popped over to Henley on Thursday morning for a quick doctor's appointment, a not-so-quick look round the shops, and a not-very-quick-at-all stopp off in Maison Blanc for a delicious mocha (I had the mocha, he had some pieces of toast leftover from his breakfast.)

While we were on our not-so-quick look around the shops, we popped in to Laura Ashley. Now, Laura Ashley stock lovely clothes in the 'English country casual' sort of style, but I never bother to look at them as the largest size they go up to is a UK 20, and I'm a UK 22 (and sometimes it's a bit of a squeeze even to get into a 22 depending on the cut/store). I suppose at some point in the not too distant future I will be a size 20, but I'm not sure I want to buy too many/any new clothes in that size because I'm guessing I'll be moving on down to an 18 a little while later. Anyway, I digress. The point of all this was that as we walked in to the shop I spied this gorgeous pair of pony skin (not real, I hasten to add) shoes:

I don't wear heels, ever. Well, I used to wear a pair of boots with a 3 inch chunky heel until I fell over one night about six years ago when very drunk and broke my ankle in them. That was pretty much the last time I've worn heels of any kind; the closest I get to it now is standing on tiptoe to reach something from a high shelf.

But, for these little beauties, perhaps I could make an exception... Trouble is, they're an eye-watering £125 which is more than I ever ever paid for a pair of shoes in my life (I did pay more than that for the boots which broke my ankle, and look where that got me.) And, putting aside the price, if I do buy a pair, I wonder if by the time I get up the courage/ability to wear them, might my feet have lost weight like the rest of me, and shrunk?!


  1. Oooooh - those shoes look AWESOME!! I am also a flat-wearing, wish-I-could-wear-those-shoes kind of girl. I used to rock all kinds of high heels but then one day, it just stopped working.

    I think you should make the shoes a goal - like you can buy them when you are half way to your goal in the shoe size you are when that happens(if they don't still have that exact pair in the store when that happens, I am sure there will be another fab pair to fall in love with).

    In fact - I bet if you figure out now how many £ you used to spend on food and set aside the difference between that and what you spend now (the idea being that it should be much less and will get less and less as time goes on and you get more restriction), you can sort of "earn" the shoes. That is how I am rationalizing clothing purchases at this point. I hate to buy clothes I won't be in very long but if I spend $50 a month (or even $100), that is so much less than the difference between what I used to spend on food and what I spend now!

  2. Ooo, I love shoes. Really like the style of those ones and the heel is not too skinny. I've heard many people say their shoe sizes went down as well after weight-loss so your feet may do the same.

    I'm looking forward to being able to wear heels again without having to carry around an emergency pair of flats.

  3. oh those are awesome pin up girl style shoes! Maybe they will go on sale eventually? I have gone down maybe a half a size but not enough to bother me too much. I have gotten way more able to wear heels though and I love it!!