Friday, 12 February 2010


(all credit to Catherine for the photo idea)

After last week's little game of taunting me with "ping pong pounds", this week the scales are mostly being my BFF. Another 1lb loss this morning, bringing my total since I started the pre-op diet on 10th January to 20lbs. That's 20lbs in just under five weeks, which I think is absolutely amazing. Not in a boastful 'look at me, aren't I amazing' kind of way, but in a 'wow, I can't believe I've lost this much weight, this band is amazing' kind of way.

17st 4lb - 242lbs - BMI 40.3 (just 2lbs standing between me and 'Obese Class II'!)
On Wednesday afternoon I had my first proper post-op consultation with the dietician. She told me I've moved onto the mushies too quickly - apparently I should still be on purees for another week. So, I've tried (and will continue to try until next Weds) to rein in the mushies a little, but it's hard once you've tasted the goodness of food that hasn't been near a blender! She was also a little concerned that I wasn't getting quite enough nutrients and suggested I drink another glass of milk (she said I could make it into hot chocolate if I liked - yes, I like!) to try and get me up to a pint a day. Do/did all you other bandsters think you get/got all the nutrients you need/needed during this mushy stage? I am taking my multivitamin tablet each day and I thought that with the hummus I eat most days, plus the veggies I tend to have at dinner (mashed swede [that's rutabaga in the USA] and carrot being my favourite), the soup at lunch (usually a veg or chicken variety) and the cereal with milk for breakfast, I wasn't doing too badly on the whole. Ho hum.


  1. I did...I added cheese to pretty much everything! I pretended the calories were worth it for the protein!

  2. I just added a protein chart to my blog. I struggle with getting enough in every day and i think will print this off and slap it on the fridge. Perhaps it will help you think about sources to draw from that are lower in calories than hot chocolate?

    I know the dietitian is more concerned with your nutrients than she is your weight loss right now but I worry about (mostly because i know what I do) you getting hooked up to the hot chocolate and because the band lets liquids slide right on through you will be hooked up forever.

    There was a period of time when I stopped losing because i started 'rewarding myself' with ice cream in the afternoons instead of food because i could no longer eat the food. needless to say my weight loss stalled and I was beside myself with what to do...I finally figured out duh...stop eating the mass quantities of ice cream every day. I now have one small cone once a week.

    Any way-maybe drink it but keep in mind that when you get real food again it is going to have to go no matter how comfortingly good it is???

  3. Amy W - I think cheese might have to feature more highly on my list of ingredients, I love me some cheese!

    Tina - don't worry about the hot choc; I hadn't even thought of having an extra one each day at the behest of the dietician, I only mentioned it as I was surprised that she has suggested it! In turn, I suggested that I could perhaps just use the milk to make a protein shake. My obsession with hot chocs at Starbucks has waned (I've moved back to skinny lattes.) Usually if I have a hot choc, it's at home where I will have a low-cal one, although they tend to be made with water, which doesn't help the milk intake!

  4. Yay!!! 20lbs! Love the picture!

    None of my dr's has talked to me at all about nutrition. Yikes. Maybe that's not good...

  5. Just found your's great! I've got lots of reading to catch up on! I'm following now...Congrats on the 20!!!! -BG I'm here: