Monday, 1 February 2010

Stuck in the middle with you

As I type, I'm wondering if I might be experiencing my first 'stuck' episode. I met a friend for coffee (mocha [no cream] for me, in case you were wondering); she ordered a chocolate muffin and offered me some. Just to be polite (I told myself), I took a really small piece that had crumbled off as she cut the muffin in half - it really was a little piece, I'm not trying to kid myself here, but ever since eating it I've had a feeling a little like indigestion. Is this what it feels like when something gets stuck? I don't feel the need to try and bring it back up, and it's not painful at all, more like uncomfortable I guess.

I must admit I'm surprised not to have had anything like this before as I've not stuck (ha) rigidly to the purees I'm supposed to be on for the next 3-4 weeks. I've tended more towards mushy things like well mashed potato/swede/carrot/parsnip, cauliflower cheese, thick soups, guacamole, hummus, trifle (yum!) rather than actual purees and thin soups.

Still weighing in at 17st 9lbs after a bit of a panic yesterday when the scales showed a GAIN of 2lbs! Yowzers. But then I realised I had already drunk my large mug of coffee and eaten breakfast and every other time I've weighed it's been before I've eaten/drunk anything, so I tried not to panic too much. Back to usual weigh-in time today and those 2lbs had magically disappeared. Phew.


  1. Ok what I am about to write is how if feels for me. Others might disagree or have other feelings about it but here goes:

    You might have felt a tad bit of restriction there. Bread products cause the feeling you are describing most for me.

    Stuck feels like- If you were really stuck you would have probably needed to bring it back up would kind of hurt when it finally goes down.

    overeating feels like- If i over eat i get a gradual feeling of spit in my throat and eventually have a spit up burp (what my family calls it) of those in the old days where you regurgitate some partially digested food...only usually caused by overeating!!! Well it is the same as that only no partial digestion. the food comes back or spit but without the stomach acid.

    so with the long comment-seems like you just felt plain old restriction. I now feel full (Kind of like thanksgiving full but on much less food) in my lower chest. This sort of feels like old style indigestion but without the burning. If I wait until I feel it in my upper chest..i ate too much. and will probably experience the above described overfill problem.

    By the way :) Good for you on the mocha and bit of cake (i know you aren't supposed to eat stuff but it was supremely hard for me too!! Have you tried peppermint skim mocha? yummy...No whip of course :)

  2. Just wanted to say congrats on getting the badn and good luck on this journey. You are doing great for just being banded. I look forward to watching your progress :-)

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies! Perhaps it was just a feeling of fullness rather than stuck-ness! I assume different sorts of foods make you feel fuller quicker than others (ie those that sit on the band, rather than those that pass through quickly like liquids)

  4. Someone brought in blueberry coffee cake from Starbucks the other day to work. There was a small slice left, so I thought I'd cut off a little piece and eat it. It was less than an inch in size and very dense. After eating it (and chewing thoroughly) I could feel the pressure in my chest. I didn't PB or slime or anything like that, but I could tell it didn't sit well with me. I am using that as a sign that those type of foods aren't going to work for me, which is okay, since they're loaded with sugar and fat and calories.