Monday, 2 August 2010

Another New Low and an SV

Yesterday the scale gods smiled on me yet again with my latest all time low of

16st 0lb - 224lbs - BMI 37.3
(a total loss so far of 38lbs)

One of the great things about this is that I now weigh the same as hubby. Fair enough, that's not the sort of thing most people would be bragging about, when you've been used to weighing a heck of a lot more than your darling other half, it makes a very pleasant change to know that from here on in he and I will be level pegging and soon, very soon, I will weigh less than him!

I'm very excited to be on the cusp of a new stone - being in the 15 stone bracket is not a place I've been for a very long time. I really wish I could remember when I last weighed what I do now, but I can't (need to check back through some old diaries, if I can find them.) It must have been quite some years ago as I tried on a dress on Saturday that I had bought back in 2007 (I think) and it's now too big (which is great, but also not so great as it was my only 'tidy' dress and now I'll need to go and buy a new one should we venture out to any 'tidy' events!)

Mum, hubby, small boy & I took a trip to lovely Marylebone High Street in London yesterday. We stopped for lunch in EAT, which was ironic really as it turned out that was pretty much the only thing I couldn't do. This latest fill really has me struggling with a lot of food stuffs at the moment, and my portion sizes are severely limited (but with the weight dropping off, I'm not complaining. Yet.) I tried to make a sensible choice and opted for the hummus and taboulleh salad; I think I managed a few mouthfuls of the hummus, about 4 olives, a couple of mouthfuls of taboulleh and a small slice of marinated pepper before I was done for and actually got a bit stuck. This probably sounds like quite a lot of food to the experienced bandsters out there who have been at good restriction for a while, but for me it seems like a REALLY small amount! I've been used to being able to eat a lot more than this, but then that's probably why my weightloss has been slow, if not stagnant! This is a photo of the salad after I'd finished (apologies for reflection), but you can probably see that the box is still pretty much full (a bit like my tummy.)Since the small boy was sleeping as we enjoyed our lunch and was still sleeping as we left we decided to head for Starbucks to make the most of the quiet time. With Tina in mind I decided to try a peppermint mocha. But the food-obsessesed side of me thought 'Hey, I've eaten so little today I probably could do with the calories so when they ask me if I want cream on top, I'll say yes.' And that's what I did. And I had a Rocky Road cake too. And guess what? They both went down with absolutely no problems at all. It seems I may have to live on Rocky Road and Peppermint Mochas....

Unnecessary photo of small boy!


  1. No such thing as unnecessary photo of the your cute little boy.

    Sounds like you had a great day. That lunch sounded very small to me, but then I have yet to really feel the strick restriction you are currently experiencing. My doc is taking it slow and I think would prefer that I never feel it.

  2. Funny thing about really tight restriction...It makes it difficult to eat healthy choices while allowing junk food slide right down....just not fair :)

  3. You're doing great, I long to have that level of restriction! Your boy is gorgeous.
    I have my fill's just off Marlebone Road but have never been to Marlebone High St, i'm going for a fill in a couple of weeks, might have a wander around there afterwards.