Thursday, 12 August 2010

Dress. Likey or No Likey?

I'm off to a wedding in September and thought I'd better start looking for something to wear seeing as my one 'tidy' dress is now too big. Luckily the first shop I tried, Monsoon, seems to have come up trumps even though it's an odd time of year in the clothes shops - a sort of 'in-betweeny' season when they appear not to know what to stock - too late for the summery items, too early for the winter stuff.

Anyhoozle, here are a few snaps of the dress which I have bought (but not yet removed labels from - I have 28 days to make up my mind...) I was v pleased to be able to try on (and fit into) a size 20 as I am used to trying on a 22 in this particular shop (the largest size they do) and sometimes (previously!) finding that even the 22 didn't fit. Not any more! It's a maxi-dress, so it's possible that I may even be a little bit 'on trend', although perhaps that trend has come and gone in the time it's taken me to notice it was happening? The photos don't really do the colours any justice - they look a little washed out but are much brighter peach and orange shades on a black background.

Even better, I then went to the shop next door (East) and bought a size 16 (!!) top in the sale, reduced from £59 to £17. Got to love a bargain!


  1. I love the dress, you look fabulous in it! Way to go on the size 15 - amazing! <3

  2. The dress really does fit you perfectly. It emphasizes your small waist...I say it's a keeper!

  3. Very nice dress!! You look great in it :)

  4. I love Monsoon, I love the dress, you look amazing in it.
    I would never ever dream that anything in East would fit me, looking forward to pics of your top.