Friday, 13 August 2010



This is my first TOM since the fill that has given me proper restriction. This is also the first time that I have experienced TOMT. It sucks. Nothing seems to be going down well at the moment, even things with which I normally have no issue. And those things that I can eat, but which need a little thought and a little extra chew-chew? Forget it.

Usually for breakfast I will have a thin slice of toast or a toasted crumpet. Tried it yesterday, didn't work. Tried it again today, still no good. Yesterday went out for lunch with a friend; had eggs benedict. Thought the poached eggs wouldn't be an issue. Wrong. Ended up making two trips to the toilet, the second in a bit of a hurry. (Sorry if TMI!) Decided to tell my friend at that point what the issue was (she was thinking I was pregnant); at least if I go out eating with her again I won't have to worry about making excuses if I need to make numerous trips to the loo.

Dinner = fish. Nope.
Dessert = ice cream. Yes. Thank you Mr Ben and Mr Jerry.

Woke up this morning thinking that the lack of food yesterday would have done the world of good for my weight. Wrong again. 1lb up. Did I say 'Bah'?

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  1. Look at you all skinny in that maxi dress :) I think it looks lovely! I have wanted one for ages but have yet to find one that my boobs do not look awful in.

    Hang with the tightening thing-it is a pain in the rear but you know it will end after a week or so and I always eventually (water stops the immediate) get a good weightloss out of it.

    The five pounds I just lost are in fact a post period drop for me.