Saturday, 21 August 2010

Just a quicky

To say: another pound disappeared into the ether (or possibly the mattress, for who knows where the weight goes when it's no longer stuck to our frames?) overnight, taking me to

15st 8lb - 218lbs - BMI 36.3
(a total loss so far of 44lbs)
And after yesterday's blog about how I like to wear my saggy old, baggy old, comfort blanket clothes, well I was taking off a very old favourite shirt of mine just now and it ripped under the arm where the material has worn so thin you probably couldn't even blow your nose in it without it tearing. Maybe my old clothes are trying to tell me something?


  1. Its a nice problem to have but annoying, nice clothes cost so much.
    Have you looked in Sainsburys? I think for supermarket clothes they are better than Asda/Tesco's and fairly reasonable.

  2. Maybe:) It has to happen sooner or later, just don't go over board or you may not want to loss any more for a while:)

  3. I wonder where the pounds go too. As long as they don't land on me, it's all good. Retire those baggy clothes. You'll be glad you did.