Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Big 4-0!

Crikey, is there any possibility that I may have caught a flesh-eating virus? Another day, another pound gone, having miraculoulsy melted away into the ether.

15st 12lb - 222lbs - BMI 36.9
(a total loss so far of 40lbs)

I've hit the 40lbs down mark!

From now on people I don't even know will be stopping me in the street to ask if I've lost weight. Do you know why? Because I have read on countless bandster blogs, that 40lbs is the amount of weight you have to lose before people actually start to notice that you are quite literally disappearing before their very eyes!!

Up until now only one person who doesn't know about the band has commented on my weightloss; lots of people have said 'You're looking well', which I think is the catch-all comment that people make when they can't quite put their finger on why you might be looking a bit different/healthier. Alternatively, it's the thing they say when they don't want to say 'Have you lost weight?' because that means they are drawing attention to the fact that they think you need to lose weight and, obviously, that would be rude!

So, now I am just 2lbs away from having lost 3stone, 2lbs away from a new set of comparison photos and 3lbs away from a new weightloss decade - the 210s.


  1. Good for you and I hope you get lots of compliments. You deserve it!

  2. Lovin the compliments! Makes it feel so goood!

  3. Fantastic weightloss, well done!