Monday, 9 August 2010

Three Stone Lost & New Photos!

Whoop whoop! Today the scales were VERY kind to me and reported another 1lb loss, which makes a grand total of 42lbs. Or three stone as we say over here in the UK. I've just Googled 'stone' in an attempt to find out why we use it as a means of expressing our weight, instead of kilos (urgh, so Continental!) or merely pounds. I haven't found the answer, but apparently a stone was used for weighing agricultural commodities and the number of pounds in a stone could differ depending on the commodity or even the place in which it was being sold (but of course, why make anything simple?!)

Anyway, enough of today's history lesson, lets get back to business. I'm so chuffed to have lost three stone!

15st 10lb - 220lbs - BMI 36.6
(a total loss so far of 42lbs)

And I'm even more pleased that I can now present the latest set of comparison photos for your delight and delecation. Drum roll please...... Although, before I begin, please, please, PLEASE, ignore the gormless expression that I have managed to affix to my face in every single photo (except perhaps the back shot where I probably looked serene and gorgeous.)Compared to 42lbs ago....
Another comparison shot. UGGGHH.

Here I've used the old 'peg trick' to tighten the t-shirt at the back to give some indication that I do actually have a waist...

Just one other thing. I went out on Friday evening with a group of friends I hadn't seen for a while and only one of them noticed I'd lost weight. Ho hum.


  1. Love the pictures. I remember when you posted the before pictures way back when. You're lookin great and now you need some new smaller clothes to show off the new bod. Congratulations, I can see an amazing difference.

  2. Wow you look fantastic! You really can see the difference.. try to bottle some of that magic and send it along! good for you!

  3. You look great, the difference is amazing!
    3 stone is fab!

  4. What a difference! Way to go, you look amazing, like a totally different person! <3

  5. Look at those collarbones!! Amazing job!

  6. You look great Justine. Your face is really thin too. I don't think you'll be able to wear those pants for the next set of pictures.

  7. Great comparison photos. How strange is it when people don't notice? Although I now think they do notice but don't want to say something. One woman said "you've lost weight - not that you were overweight" (yeah. right!). I think she didn't want to say anything in case I would be offended!

  8. Wow! I can REALLY see your loss!!!! Way to go :)