Thursday, 22 April 2010

All the Threes

Firstly, I totally missed the fact that it was my THREE MONTH bandiversary on Tuesday. Weirdly, it actually feels much longer than three months ago that I became a bandit, but not at all in a bad way.

So, what has happened in three months? Well, I've lost 27lbs and a total of 12 inches from various parts of my generous anatomy, my clothes fit better (some don't fit anymore because they are too big and some that were too small now fit well) and I've scored one NSV of someone who didn't know about the band actually commenting on my weightloss. I feel fitter, healthier, lighter and altogether much more confident; and it feels great to know that this is just the beginning.

Secondly, yesterday I had my THIRD, long-awaited and very much needed, fill. The surgeon took me up from 4mls to 6mls in one fell swoop because, as he said, "I think you can handle it" - should I take that as a compliment? Makes me sound like a seasoned bandit or something, doesn't it? Not that I would claim to be one! Does a 2ml fill sound like a lot in one go? I sooooo hope it will make a difference - so far I've been sticking to the liquids so it's difficult to tell (I'm not [yet] one of those bandits who can barely get their morning coffee down), but as soon as I'm back on the solids I really hope I'll notice a difference and that the pounds start dropping off. Pretty please?!

I notice I now have fifty-TWO (which is only one short of fifty-THREE!) followers - thank you all for taking the time to join me on this journey; I do my utmost to read as many blogs as I can each day and to comment if time permits, but please don't think badly of me if you notice that I haven't commented at all or for a while, somehow time seems to slip through my fingers in between working, looking after my darling small boy (often simultaneously, but don't tell the boss!) and doing all those other day-to-day things that everyone has to do.

I have some answers to the questions some of you left for me to ask at the Q&A session; I'll post them next time.


  1. Hey Justine - Happy Bandiversary! Time really does fly by. You are doing so great & I hope this fill is "it" for you. I get my third next Thursday - right now I feel like I could eat a horse!

  2. Happy Bandiversary! I think that's a great compliment to say you can handle that and I hope it works wonders for you! What a great bandiversary present!!!

  3. Happy 3 month bandiversary! I missed my 3 month mark, like you said at times it seems that I've been doing this for much longer. I'll have to mark the 4 month instead. Hope you get some good restriction.

  4. I hope you feel a difference too. You are lucky the doctor would do it. Let me tell you, it sucks waiting 6 months for restriction. You will get it sooner and good luck.