Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St George's Day!

It's St George's Day here in England; so St George is our patron saint but we don't celebrate at all, despite the annual call for it to be a public holiday - if only it were. Totally the opposite to St
Patrick's Day which seems to be celebrated worldwide whether you are Irish or not!

On the eating front, I'm definitely noticing more restriction now that I'm back to more solid (but still soft) food, but I can still eat a good amount, which sort of feels like it might be too much. I'm slightly concerned that I'm already at 6mls without getting the amount of restriction I probably should but I know that 0.5mls can make a huge difference, so I still have a few mls to play with. Anyone else out there with 6mls (or more) who doesn't feel like they are at their sweet spot yet?

At least when I weighed in this morning I was back to my lowest weight of 16st 11lb (235lbs), but I reached that on Thursday 25 March and that was FOUR WEEKS and ONE DAY ago, for heaven's sake! I've not lost one single pound in all that time. Jeepers. Ok, admittedly I've only gone up by a maximum of 3lbs in that time, and mostly it's been bouncing around the 1lb or 2lbs up mark but, honestly, no loss in 29 days?! ARRRGGHHHHH.

And now onto the questions that Jennifer and Sandy Lee (I didn't get to ask any of the questions from Miss Tori as the only attendees at the support group this month were post-band [or bypass in two cases]).

Jennifer asked: why is it we get stuck after only a few bites? I asked my surgeon this, and guess what he said? The answer-that's-not-an-answer: "No one really knows" - helpful, eh? He said something about the lining of the stomach being corrugated, not smooth so that food can get caught in it on the way through, and also that it is puckered up where the band goes round (I imagine he means a little like the bottom section of a party balloon just near where the knot has been tied), but that was about it. Sorry, Jennifer - I've not really done very well for you, have I? It seems that, even for the surgeons, the gastric band is not an exact science!

Sandy Lee asked: what's the difference in the hole when the band is filled between 5ml and 6ml, for example. And again, no real answer to this question. I asked what sort of diameter I had in my band at 4mls and he said about 3/4 of an inch, which I must admit was much bigger than I tought it would be, and that was about it.

I'm really sorry not to have done any better for you both; I may ask these questions again some time and see if what sort of answer I get. Or maybe someone else out there in The Wonderful World of Blogland knows the answer?

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