Sunday, 18 April 2010

I'm Still Here!

Hello all; just wanted to reassure you that I'm still here despite the hiatus in blog posts. Nothing much to report on the (non) weightloss front. Still bouncing around in the 25-27lbs down region. Luckily I have my third fill on Wednesday which I REALLY hope is going to make some difference. It can't be right that I can eat a restaurant serving of fish and chips with pureed peas, followed by a cream cake and a mug of hot chocolate, can it?! Not only that, to then return to my hotel room and contemplate eating a Cadbury's Creme Egg? You'll be relieved to hear that I managed to hold off from that particular temptation.

Restaurant? Hotel room? What is this, I hear you ask? Well, I went on a little jolly with a friend to Harrogate (N. Yorkshire), leaving the small boy and Hubby with Grandma & Grandad in Wigan. This was the first ever time I've been away without both my boys and, dare I say it, what a treat it was! My friend (let's call her Rachel, for that is her name) and I ate and shopped and ate some more, and then a little more. There was absolutely no indication on my part that I had had a GB fitted less than three months ago; indeed, it seemed that Rachel (who is not a Bandit) ate less than I did; I SOOOOO need this fill!

The main reason for our visit to Harrogate was to attend the British Craft Trade Fair so that Rachel could source some lovely lovely lovely handmade items for the new shop she is opening at the end of May. Oh My! Over 500 stands of the most scrum-tiddly-umptious items - ceramics, textiles, greetings cards, jewellery, mirrors, toys, knitwear, paintings, prints - all handmade in the UK. Best of all, because it was a trade fair, there was no fighting with stinky old Joe Public to get our hands on all the loveliness.

Although this was the main reason for our visit, had you seen us you may have thought that the main reason was so that we could go to Betty's Tearooms. We went four times in the space of the two-and-a-half days that we were in Harrogate: dinner Sunday evening (fish and chips, lemonade, cream cake, hot chocolate), dinner Monday evening (cheese and bacon rosti, lemonade, ice cream sundae), breakfast Tuesday morning (full English, coffee) and back Tuesday afternoon to buy cakes (rhubarb, Yorkshire tea loaf, fondant fancies, caramel shortbread), biscuits (Yorkshire shortbread), teas (two varieties) and coffees (2 varieties) to take home. By the way, did I tell you I've had a GB fitted? Exactly; you wouldn't know it, would you? Did I say I NEED the next fill? Yes, I really, really do - three days and counting...


  1. I am exactly where you are stuck at the same weight and eating lots (including the Cream Eggs!). I get a fill on Monday so here's hoping we both get on with this job of losing weight.

  2. Really?? You had to post this about the lovely tea?? Are you TRYING to kill me??

    Actually, I just had a thought: my friend Fiona, who is also British, is a chocolatier. I don't know if you live anywhere near her, but omg her chocolates are AMAZING!!! Her website is if you want to check it out. She's also a crazy kook and tons of fun!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time and enjoyed some wonderful food. Good luck with fill #3.

  4. I love Creme eggs! I hope that your next fill goes well for you :)

  5. wow-i have been reading some of the craft blogs on your other page and some of them discussed going to craft fairs--not sure if they are the same one---you have great taste in crafty and knitting blogs by the way. your trip sounds like great fun I'm jealous of the insider crafty shopping as well as the tea drinking.

    Your not home to receive your slacks-they should be there by now. Let me know that they make it.

    yummm fish and chips. that is quite a lot but they do go down easy for me even when I have an OK fill. Now I am back to 1/2 to 1 piece of fish on a good fill with maybe 2 chips.

  6. Glad to hear you're doing so well! Hopefully this 3rd fill will do the trick. I get my 3rd next week. Like you I can eat WAY too much =;(