Thursday, 1 April 2010

Keeping Positive

I don't want to write another whingey post about the lack of restriction, so (as Bing Crosby sang) I am going to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and latch on to the affirmative...

1) I'm going to ignore the fact that the scale had bounced back up to 16st 13lbs (a 2lb gain on my lowest weight), because the scale has done this to me plenty of times before. Lots of boinging around before heading, once more, in the right direction.

2) It's now less than three weeks til I get my fill.

3) I have an appointment with the dietician next Friday.

4) Here are my measurements which, along with the scale overall, show that things are all good!

Tuesday 19 Jan (day before surgery) :: Tuesday 16 March (8 weeks later)
Neck- 37.5cm :: 35.5cm (-2)
Upper arm right- 39cm :: 37cm (-2)
Upper arm left- 37.5cm :: 35.5cm (-2)
Wrist right- 17cm :: 16.5cm (-0.5)
Wrist left- 17cm :: 16.5cm (-0.5)
Bust- 122cm :: 115cm (-7) - typical!
Waist- 114.5cm :: 110cm (-4)
Hips- 133cm :: 132cm (-1) - also typical!
Thighs- 132cm :: 126cm (-6)
Upper thigh right- 80.5cm :: 79cm (-1.5)
Upper thigh left- 79.5cm :: 77cm (-2.5)
Knee right- 43cm :: 41.5cm (-1.5)
Knee left- 45cm :: 42.5cm (-2.5)
Calf right- 46cm :: 44.5cm (-1.5)
Calf left- 45cm :: 44.5cm (-0.5)
Ankle right- 26.5cm :: 26cm (-0.5)
Ankle left- 26cm :: 25.5cm (-0.5)

If my maths is correct, that's a loss of 32cm (or something like that - I remembered not to include the overall thigh measurement on top of the two individual measurements.) Apologies to those of you who work in feet and inches (as I usually do), but the only tape measure I could find when I took the first set of measurements was in cms, so I've had to stick with it as I can't be bothered to convert them all. I've converted the total though: 32cm is approx 12-and-a-half inches, which is just over one foot - coolio!


  1. You're doing great Justine - a foot & a half id A LOT of inches. I think my 2nd fill brought me a bit of restriction - but I can still eat pretty much.

  2. That's awesome on the inches lost. And don't worry - the boinging will be over with soon! Keep it up!!!

  3. sweet! I have boinged the whole way through...You might have to keep it in your head that it is just going to happen and ignore it until moves down again (which it will do!!)

    The paypal made it--I will get the slacks tomorrow and post them Saturday.


  4. Awesome measurments Justine!!! Hang in there...the next fill is coming (I know, not soon enough!).