Thursday, 8 April 2010

The NSV I've Been Waiting For! + Stats for Gen

Finally! Finally! Finally!
The NSV I've been waiting for for ages happened today.

The first person to comment that I've lost weight who didn't know I've had the band fitted. Made me feel really chuffed! Up til now the only people who have commented on my weightloss are those who know about the band - hubby, mum, the in-laws and two of my very good friends. Obviously, that's really nice and much appreciated, but they're almost bound to say something, aren't they? But this person didn't have to say anything, however what he did say was "I hardly recognised you then; you've lost some weight, haven't you?" Yeee-haaaa!

And, as requested by Gen, here are the monthly stats on my weightloss so far:
January (including pre-op diet): -15lbs

February: -6lbs

March: -6lbs

If you take away the fact that I lost 7lbs on the pre-op diet, that would give me a banded weightloss for January of 8lbs, which makes the month-by-month losses fairly even. It was good looking at it this way as I was starting to feel that I hadn't done very well recently, but clearly things aren't so bad after all!


  1. yea! That feels so good. It took what felt like forever before anyone noticed with me too.

  2. wahooo...I figured that women would pay attention more but my first compliment was from a man too. Do you think it is just that the women who are unwilling to speak up or is it a failure to notice? I didnt get a woman to say anything until I was well over 60 pounds down. Tina

  3. Great NSV, can't wait for my loss to be noticeable!

  4. Congratulations...I'm still waiting for that moment to come!!!

  5. That is a great NSV!!!
    You are doing really well!

  6. I can't wait for this either. But I am a lot bigger so it will take a while for people who don;t know to notice. you are doing very well.