Monday, 5 April 2010


Not pounds, but followers, which is just as good (albeit a different kind of good) in my book! So a big 'thank you' to Jen for becoming my latest follower - it's reassuring to know there are lots of 'us' out there in the same boat, at different stages along the course, offering support and encouragement to each other. Although, having written that, I suppose it would actually be much better if there were none of 'us' out there at all since that would mean no-one suffering with weight issues, but that's not the real world, is it?!

Talking of the real world, I am currently inhabiting 'Non Weight Loss Land', in the town known as 'Actually, I've Put on a Pound or Two', suburb 'Due to Feeding My Face With Cake, Biscuits and Chocolate'. Ho hum. Yesterday (and today) I was back up to 17stone (238lbs) - yuck. Still, only 16 days til my next fill...

I expect you've all seen that Catherine has met her goal. How amazing is that? Hers was the first blog I ever found about life with the GB; I read it from start to finish in the space of a couple of days and I was soooo inspired. She is a fantastic role model for us all. Well done Catherine!

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  1. Yay! Love that I helped you meet a milestone of 50 followers!! Can't wait to read back and get to know you!! Keep up the great work!! that fill will be here before you know it!