Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Support Group/Surgeon Q&A

Tonight I'm going to my first GB support group meeting. It's being held at the hospital where I was banded and the reason I'm going along to this particular meeting when I've not been to any of the previous ones (apart from the fact that I always forget they are on) is that tonight my surgeon and the other surgeon who performs the GB ops at this particular hospital, plus a representative from the maker of the band (not sure who that is, looking forward to finding out later!) will be holding a Q&A session. And can I think of one single solitary question I want to ask? Pah, of course I can't! And so, that's why I thought I'd post this (of course, I should have done it days ago to give you all a fighting chance) and ask:

Does anyone out there have a band-related question they would like answered?
Bear in mind that band-stuff seems to be slightly different over here in the UK than it is in other parts of the world, so the answer may not be what you were looking for/hoping for/expecting, but I'm more than happy to ask it on your behalf (if I get the chance.) I'll be leaving home about 6.30pm, which is about 1.30pm on the east coast in the USA (I think), so that gives you some idea of the time by which you need to get your questions to me.


  1. Well, I'd love to know how we get "stuck" when we have only eaten a few bites. See my post here:

    Great idea!
    I hope you have a great meeting.


  2. Not sure if you'll get this but I am interested in the size of the hole when they fill the band-like the difference between 5.0 cc in the band and how much smaller the hole gets when it is at 6.00 cc or 9.0 cc. I am always amazed that some people get restiriction when only 0.1 cc are added. Have fun.

  3. Some of the questions or issues that I often see posted on LapBandTalk are:

    1) Why am I starving during post op diet?
    2) Is it normal to gain weight during post op?
    3) Why can I eat like I could pre-op now that I'm banded (before my first fill)?
    4) How many fills does it take to hit the sweet spot?
    5) What can I expect during recovery immediately after the surgery and for the next week to 10 days?
    6) Do you provide a pain pump at the incision site where the port is placed?
    7) Do you use scopalamine patches to help prevent nausea following surgery?
    8) What is your post-op diet recommendations? How do I move between the various stages?
    9) Will my band contain any fill when you place it during surgery?
    10) How long after surgery before I get my first fill?
    11) Are you agressive or timid in giving fills?
    12) What criteria do you use to determine if I need a fill? Hunger? Snacking? Amount I can eat?
    13) How much weight should I expect, on average, to lose each week/month, etc?
    14) How large of a role does exercise play in my weight loss?
    15) Do you offer the use of a nutritionist post surgery?
    16) Do you offer suggestions for goal weight and/or BMI? How do you come up with this figure?
    17) How soon after surgery can I start exercising? At what intensity level?
    18) How soon after surgery can I drive? (Typically based on pain meds your taking)
    19) When can I resume intimate relations with my partner?
    20) Who do I call if I have questions if something doesn't seem right? Is there someone on call 24/7?
    21) If I don't think I'm doing as well as I should, or if I've gained weight after a period of time, please explain your philosophy of support. (i.e. Surgeon's office is there for you regardless of your rate of loss (or gain) and wants to help you reach your goals ~or~ your on your own (eek!).
    22) Do I need to take any extra vitamin supplements?
    23) What about hair loss? Is this normal? How much? How soon? How long?
    24) Do you have a clothes exchange?
    25) Do you offer either a card that identifies me as a lapbander for possible restaurant discouts or in case of medical emergency?
    26) What kind of complications could arise after surgery? What should I watch out for? How do I tell if I've had a slippage?
    27) Is it normal to slime, PB or get nauseated?
    28) What is first bite syndrome? How do I work around this if I have it?
    29) Will I be able to feel my port?
    30) Where will my port be placed?

    I'm sure I could come up with more, but I think that will give you a very good place to start!

    Have fun at the group meeting!

  4. I just realized that these questions are probably more for pre-op consultation than post op, but some of them still may be very good to get answers at your meeting tonight.

  5. Hi! I just started following you from reading Miss Tori's post. I look forward to reading more!

  6. So nice of you to give us a chance to have questions answered but I couldn't think of any!