Saturday, 24 April 2010

SV on the one hand, NSD on the other

It seems that the Gods of the Gastric Band and the Goddesses of the Scales heard my pleas yesterday, for today finds me at:

16st 10lb - 234lbs - BMI 38.9

Finally, one more pound making a total loss of 28lbs, or two stone!
And that's my SV for today.
Admittedly, it nearly wasn't an SV but my perserverance with the scales paid off. As is my way, I jumped on the scales first thing this morning and I saw 16st 10lb looking back at me - YAY, at last! And then, stupidly, I got back on the scales. Why? I have no idea. Usually I only get back on the scales when the first weight I see isn't what I want it to be, not when it IS what I want. So, second time round, what did I see? 16st 12lb. Oh great, 2lbs up in one easy move. So I got on again, and again, and still 16st 12lb blinked back at me. But, you know what, I just didn't believe it. So, I went downstairs for about an hour or so, had a coffee and generally faffed around, then went back upstairs for a shower. And then I hopped on the scales again, and what did I see? 16st 10lb - YAY! So, I got on the scales again, and again to be doubly and trebly sure and they stayed at 16st 10lb, so finally I decided to take it and move quickly on!
Little boy and I then went in to town to do a spot of shopping while hubby dearest went to a football match in London. And this is where my NSD (Non-Scale Defeat, as opposed to Non-Scale Victory!) occured. I bought myself a couple of pairs of trousers because the ones I'm currently wearing are too big and the pairs that Tina has sent me all the way from Oregon have yet to arrive (probably stuck in the cargo hold of a plane diverted through a volcanic ash cloud.) The trousers that are too big for me are a US size 22W, which I think is the equivalent to a UK size 24. So, I picked up a pair of UK size 22 trousers and, in a huge case of wishful thinking, a pair of UK size 20. Ha. Well, that told me, didn't it? Talk about bringing me back down to earth with a bump - I couldn't get the size 20s past my hips and, although I could do up the size 22s, it looked like I was squeezed into a sausage skin - not pleasant! Still, as hubby said: at least the bump with which I came back down to earth was a 2 stone lighter bump...
But, do I mind? No, not really because I AM 2 stone lighter and lots of my other clothes fit better than before and this was just one pair of trousers and I will not let them get me down!


  1. Focus on the 2 stone sv - trying clothes can be brutal. No two pants fit the same (even in the same store). Right now I have 3 sizes in my closet and they all fit.

  2. I hope those trousers make it fast!!! it has now been exactly 7 days since i posted them. It usually takes 4 from here to Wales. Damn and blast...I hope they fit nicely when they finally get there.


  3. Well done on the sv! My scales were the same this morning, got on scale 16st 12 lb's which is my lowest ever, got on again 17st and again 17st and then I went off sulking!!

    I would try not to worry about the trouser thing, sizes differ so much, i'm wearing Sainsbury's jeans (aren't I a classy girl!) in a 22 are are quite loose, bought a monsoon skirt in a 22 the other day and it gave me an horrific muffin top!

  4. Stones confuse the HELL out of me but I am happy for your regardless of my confusion :)

    scale and nonscale victories make all this worth it!