Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pre-Op Diet: Days Two & Three

Day One seemed like a cinch in comparison to how I thought it would be. Day Two, not quite so much - I felt huuuungry! Not all of the time, but whenever I did feel hungry I knew that it was at that point I would usually have reached for a biscuit (or two) or a bar of chocolate (never a piece of fruit, of course!) So I had to either distract myself, or find something to eat or drink that would be allowed on the diet. Here's what I ate/drank (I'm not logging water - that would get tedious!) on Day Two:

30g/1oz of porridge oats (1 starch) with milk from allowance (1 dairy)
coffee with milk from allowance

Laaaarge coffee with milk from allowance

1 slice of toast (1 starch) with 175g baked beans (1 protein)

Mango chunks (2 fruit)
Hot Ribena

6 tbsps pasta (3 starch), tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper (free vegetables)
Mullerlite yoghurt (1 dairy)

I realised later that I'd missed one of my protein servings; hopefully that's not too big a deal.

Most interesting news from Day Two was that when I weighed myself first thing in the morning I'd lost 3lbs since my initial weigh-in on 3rd January, taking me down to 18st 7lbs (259lbs).

Day Three
I woke up at 7.30am with a real stinker of a headache. I've heard about hunger headaches and wonder if that's what this was? Luckily after a couple of solpadol and a large glass of water it subsided. I also woke up hungry and felt a little bit weak and feeble (shouldn't have missed that extra protein portion yesterday!) Usually I wait an hour or two after getting up to have my breakfast (often from necessity, due to having to pander to my little boy's every whim), but today I had eaten it within about 30mins of getting up. But the good news? I've lost another 2lbs! This is the best diet I've ever been on! Perhaps I don't need a gastric band! (Iwish). So, I'm now down 5lbs to 18st 5lbs (257lbs). I'm getting an idea of what it must feel like for all those bandsters out there whenever they weigh themselves - it feels good!

30g/1oz porridge oats (1 starch) with milk from allowance (1 dairy)
coffee with milk from allowance

cheese, mushroom and rocket flatbread (2 starch, 1 protein)
laaaaarge coffee with milk from allowance

mango chunks (2 fruit)
hot Ribena drink

jacket potato (2 starch); cheese (1 protein); stir-fried pepper, mushrooms and onion
Mullerlite yoghurt

Tomorrow is my pre-op assessment at The Shelburne Hospital, High Wycombe (about 40min drive from home). I'm not sure what happens at this assessment; I've been told to allow an hour, so sounds like plenty could occur!


  1. Hi Justine - It' me, your Reading friend - LOL! DH & I start our 4 day pre-op diet on the 23rd. He is concerned about the headaches. I look forward to following your blog and wish you all the luck!


  2. Hi Justine!! I found your blog through your comment to Dawn B "What I Weighed In High School". I hope you don't mind if I start following your progress.

    I am a new bandster myself. I was banded on Nov 19th & I am currently waiting (un)patiently for my 2nd fill on the 25th of January.

    Debi, hawaiiboundbandster.blogspot.com

  3. Never knew about hunger headaches. Glad I guess because if I was looking out for them, I'd undoubtedly get the worst one ever. Make sure you don't take any blood thinning medicine for them. (I don't know what the stuff you mentioned is.)

    I'm jealous that your diet includes something you get to chew. My doctor spoils himself in surgery by making us suffer before.

  4. Hi Jess

    I'm not sure if the headache was really caused by hunger, or if was more of a "detox" kind of thing - a bit like if you give up caffeine (though why anyone would ever want to do that is beyond me!)