Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pre-Op Diet: Day Four

No headache from the diet today, just one from the ongoing snow! We've had snow here in Reading for over a week and a half now (photo shows last Monday evening when it first fell)) and it was just about starting to melt, and what happens overnight and this morning? We get more of the darn stuff. Hey, the novelty has well and truly worn off now, and that's for people who actually like snow; I can't stand the stuff although, truth be told, that's because of my weight. The thought of falling over in the stuff and being seen as "the fat woman who slipped over in the snow" is absolutely mortifying. I also broke my ankle about six years ago, and that makes me quite wary of any slippery surface. Still, at least now I have darling small child, which means when I go out I have a pram to hang on to - so far, so good, I've not (yet) fallen over!

Anyway, the result of the extra snow last night and this morning meant that I really didn't feel comfortable making the 40min drive to the hospital for my pre-op assessment, especially because hubby went away on business this morning so it would just be me and Delightful Child (DC) in the car. There was no way I wanted to take a chance on driving in the snow. Luckily the hospital were able to offer me another appointment on Monday afternoon - the joy of going private!
Anyway, Day Four of the pre-op diet was fine. I feel like I'm getting in to the swing of things (famous last words...) and the fact that I've lost another 1lb is really helping motivate me. That's 6lbs in total, so I'm now down to 18st 4lbs (256lbs). Here's what I ate/drank (apologies if this is getting boring, but one thing you'll probably notice is that I'm tending to eat the same things day after day!):
30g/1oz porridge oats (1 starch) with milk from allowance (1 dairy)
coffee with milk from allowance
cheese, mushroom and rocket flatbread (2 starch, 1 protein)
large coffee with milk from allowance
mango chunks (2 fruit)
made myself a hot Ribena but didn't get chance to drink it due to looking after my darling boy!
turkey breast (1 protein), with tomato, mushroom, pepper and onion sauce (free vegetables), over pasta (2 starch)
Mullerlite yoghurt (1 dairy)


  1. The picture looks like a Christmas card. Our news has been showing all the snow hitting England. We get a lot too (here in Ottawa, Canada) but we have lots of plows and salt trucks. Snow tires don't hurt either. Wishing you well. I get two weeks of liquid protein shakes before my surgery so agree with another poster that it would be nice to be able to chew. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sounds like you're doing ok with the pre-op diet. One request - keep that snow in Reading England and away from Reading PA =:) - Beautiful pic though!

  3. Thanks for your comments - that's the view from our living room window! Luckily today the snow is melting and the forecast for the weekend is rain, so we may have seen the last of it. The UK really just can't cope with snow, and definitely not when it lasts more than a couple of days!

  4. I agree with Sandy, the view from your window looks like a picture postcard! It looks so beautiful, but then, I don't have to live with it!!

    You are doing great on the pre-op diet! Have you taken before pictures so you can reference the change from before Surgery to you then (current) weight? Don't forget. Most bandsters regret it later on, if they don't.

  5. Hi Debi
    I have taken 'before' shots - if you scroll down a few posts you'll see them - they are truly awful! Also took my measurements the same day, so that's something else to reference.