Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Remember Lesson No.1?

You should do, it was only yesterday that I pronounced that I had learned 'Lesson Number One on the Journey of the Band'. And you'd think that perhaps I also might remember what that lesson was, and take heed. But tish and pish to all that. Guess what I decided to have this afternoon when I took the small boy out for a walk? Yes, that's right, a hot chocolate with whipped cream. Lovely it was, too. Accompanied by nearly an hour of reading my book while small boy slept soundly in his pram. Then we toddled home and about 30mins later the stomach cramps started and dumping followed. Please, please, please can I now have learnt my lesson?!

The dietician called this afternoon to see how I was getting on. I think things are going well, and told her that. I wasn't completely chuffed to hear that I have to be on the puree diet for four weeks - arggh FOUR weeks of eating the sort of food that even small boy has grown out of - how many ways are there to get creative with purees? As I type, I'm eating an 'Innocent' tasty veg pot (well, I'm eating some of it) which consists of 'indian daal curry with spicy cauliflower, chickpeas and fresh spinach' according to the label. So, I whizzed it in the blender and it's all of those things, just pureed. Hubby had a taste and pronounced that it would be very nice 'with a blob of mango chutney on the side', to which I replied 'yes, and a naan bread and a couple of onion bahjis'; well, I can dream. I fully intend to get my sticky paws on a veg korma in the not too distant future. Should do quite well in the blender.

A question (or several) about restriction: How do you feel it? How do you know when you are full? Do you get restriction without having had a fill? I'm assuming there is some restriction in the first week (or two, or three?) after surgery due to the swelling, and I certainly feel like I have some. It's taken me a couple of days to work it out, but my feeling of restriction is like back ache, or possibly indigestion but felt just below my shoulder blades, sort of where my bra strap goes across my back. Anyone else feel this?


  1. It is so weird that you have that problem! I can drink as much hot chocolate (with tons of whipped cream) as I want. i went through a little phase about 2 months ago. I wonder why it is different for you?

    As for restriction, some doctors put fluid in the band at the time of surgery. Mine did not. As soon as I was healed (about 6 days out) I was hungry and could eat anything. But there are some people that do claim they have restriction...

    When you have restriction at your sweetspot, you will know. For example, a normal bite of chicken (say one you would have taken preband) will most likely either hurt of get you stuck. You have to take small bites (a little smaller than the size of penny). I can feel it sitting above my band when I eat my protein. I get full off of about 1/2 a cup of solids. I do not get hungry again for at least 4 hours.

    Hope some of that helps!

  2. I was a little bit restricted the first few days out of surgery but I think it may have been mental and not physical. I sat there with my little 2 oz cup and watching the clock so I never had more than 2 oz of liquids every fifteen minutes. Doctor's orders ;)

    As the diet progressed onto mushies I was able to eat whatever I wanted...I even snuck some non-mushies in during that time.

    After a couple weeks I ate pizza with no problem, definitely less than pre-band but I could have kept eating if I wanted.

    I have had two fills (only one successful) and I think I am at 4cc. The first couple days out from the fill I was pretty tight but now that my stomach settled down, I wide open again. I am hoping for the day I get to where Amy is with restriction.

    The pain you are describing sounds more like gas pains than band pain. I had a lot of that for a week or so after surgery. It got better over time and the doctor said that walking would help a lot. I think he was lying! ;)