Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pre-op Diet: Day Five

ARRGGGHHH! I've plateaued! Tee hee. I weighed myself this morning and those pesky scales just blinked back at me: 18st 4lbs. Pah. This is probably the point in any "normal" diet where I would give up (or at least cheat a bit); but not this time. No, sirree. This time is much too important. That's not to say I haven't been tempted - today, for instance, I went in to town with DC and as I was walking along the main street towards the toy shop to exchange one of the three bath toys he was given for Christmas, my eyes struck upon the Cornwall Pasty Shop next door - my mouth watered, but that was all! And then this afternoon when I was feeding DC, I eyed his peice of hot, buttered toast (just about one of the only things the little tinker will eat at the moment - he's going through a bread phase it would seem) with some longing!

At the point when I would usually list my daily intake, I can simply say "See Day Four", because I ate EXACTLY the same things as I did yesterday. Maybe I'm losing weight because my body is too bored to bother saving any calories from this same old, same old. Still, I'm happy and, more importantly, not (too) hungry.

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