Saturday, 23 January 2010

Toilet Talk (you may wish to skip this post)

Day Three Post-Op

All seems to be going well, so far. Didn't need to take any painkillers today, which I was pleased about. However, we took a trip out to the Cotswolds this afternoon, and just as we started on the drive home (about 45 miles), my stomach started really hurting. BUT, it wasn't because of the band, it was because I hadn't been to the toilet (number two) since Tuesday. On Thursday when the dietician saw me just before I left the hospital she asked me if I was prone to constipation, and I was able to tell her in no uncertain terms that I was not. Quite the opposite, in fact (but I didn't tell her this, she didn't need all the extra info that you are getting!) Probably as a result of all the rubbish I eat (used to eat...), all that fat helped 'things' slide out with no trouble whatsoever. However, I'm presuming a combination of nerves, surgery, no 'proper' food, and probably dehydration meant I hadn't been to the loo for FOUR days, which is at least three days longer than usual. Perhaps it was the car ride over all those potholes that have appeared since the snow, perhaps it was the longest walk I've had since coming out of hospital, or perhaps it was the hot chocolate with whipped cream that I had at lunchtime, but something got 'things' moving. Except, at first I didn't realise that was what it was and I thought it was something to do with the band giving me a stomach ache, although eventually the wind (not the weather type of wind) gave it away; and still we were about 40 miles from home. I don't know about you, but I can't do that sort of thing in a public toilet. Number ones are fine, cos as least you can hover; but number twos can be performed in public toilets in absolute emergency situations only and, strangely enough, I didn't see this as an emergency. But boy, was I glad when we finally got home, and I'm very pleased not to be bunged up anymore! I may start sipping on the prune juice as the dietician suggested, as I may not be able to take my lack of constipation for granted any more! Without getting too personal, has having a band affected anyone else's bodily functions? For the worse/better? Do things settle down? Is there anything you do/eat/drink to help?


  1. Yes, the band has affected me in that way as well. I find that I am not going as much as I used too.

  2. Yep, that's pretty standard for post op...and later, much later....

  3. Hi Justine- Congratulations on surgery! I've been reading, but haven't commented yet. I had bad time after surgery until I got off the pain meds a few days. I was prescribed a stool softener too. I'm 7 months out now and have pretty normal functions, just less.

  4. Right after surgery I had the liquid in and out problem. When I progressed to solids things immediately began solidifying...Now I suffer from constipation unless I have my nightly orange juice (and vodka)..the vodka is not necessary. I just like it.

    thanks for adding my blog to your viewing list and congrats on your surgery. I envy you your drive though the Cotswalds!

  5. Hi Justine,

    Congrats on being banded! I had the same problem post surgery and had to use liquid senakot to get things going again. That said, I'm now a week and a half post and I'm nowhere near my regular pre-band functions.

    We had a chance to visit the Cotswalds when we were in the UK a couple of years ago and just loved it. You're lucky that it's just a bit of a drive for you.

    Take care.

  6. My surgeon recommended Miralax on a daily basis. I did it faithfully for the first couple of weeks, then weaned off of it. Now I only need it about once a week or so. Plus, once you are able to eat more fiber and drink more water, things will get better.