Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pre-op Diet: Day One

I've hardly been looking forward to starting this diet; it's fairly obvious that I find dieting hard, impossible really, or else how would I have ended up this size and on the cusp of undergoing an operation to deal with my weight?

But here I am at the end of day one, and it's all gone fine (so far...) I know there are as many pre-op diets as there are hospitals and surgeons; my diet lasts for ten days and limits the daily portions as such:
starch - five
dairy - two
protein - two
fruit - three
2 tsps margarine or 1tsp oil
vegetables (except potatoes, parsnips and sweetcorn) are unlimited, as are tea, coffee, diet drinks

Today I ate:
Breakfast - 1oz porridge oats (1 starch) and milk from 200ml allowance (1 dairy)
Lunch - 1 slice toast (1 starch) with tbsp of margarine and 175g baked beans (1 protein)
Mid-afternoon - mango chunks (2 fruit)
Dinner - 6 tbsps pasta (3 starch), pureed sauce made from tomatoes, onion and cabbage, 135g chicken (1 protein)
Later - 1 Mullerlite yoghurt (1 dairy); 1 satsuma (1 fruit)
I also drank three mugs of coffee and plenty of water throughout the day.

Hubby is also following this diet to offer me extra support (although he did have a couple of slices of Christmas cake this afternoon when some friends came round - he could hardly leave them to eat cake on their own, could he?!)

Bring on day two!

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