Monday, 18 January 2010

Pre-Op Diet: Day Eight

One week in and the scales are my BFF - I've lost 8lbs! Yeee-haw.

We took a family outing to the Cotswolds in the afternoon in the hope of finding the perfect house in the perfect village (and for the perfect price.) Shipton-under-Wychwood was our first port of call, but we're not sure it's the place for us; Chipping Norton, our perennial favourite, was the next stop. First, we called in at the antiques shop, but didn't see anything that really grabbed us, then it was a quick 5-mile jaunt in the direction of Moreton-in-Marsh to drive past a house hubby had seen on the internet - looks promising. Then it was back to the wonderful Jaffe & Neale bookshop/coffee shop in Chipping Norton where we had a drink and a slice of cake each. Eeeek. Rewind, what was that? Yes, a slice of cake EACH. I succumbed to the coffee and walnut cake. Boy, was it good. As I said to hubby, cake tastes better when you don't eat it so often.

My food intake for the day:

Porridge and milk (1 starch, 1 dairy)
coffee with milk

Tuna, rocket and spinach sandwich; cherry tomatoes (2 starch, 1 protein)

Slice of cake (whoops!)
Coffee with milk
Mango chunks (2 fruit)

Jacket potato with cottage cheese and tuna (2 starch, 1 protein)
Weight Watchers yoghurt (1 dairy)


  1. So glad the pre-op is going well for you. I can only have liquids and a few veggies for the two weeks prior to surgery. I love the names of the villages you are looking to move to. So different from the ones around here, although most of our towns and cities have English/Scottish names.

  2. Only 2 more days of Pre-Op Diet, then its V-Day! I am assuming that your Surgery is on the 21st. You are doing great! That cake sounds heavenly.